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Kubernetes on AWS

Kubernetes Consultants SydneyTo get started up and running with Kubernetes (K8s) our PolarSeven consultants can help you with creating a fully functional dockerized environment to run and deploy your applications.

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    Service Overview:

    » Fully functional Docker Cluster built with Kubernetes K8s as Orchestration tool
    » Highly redundant and fully elastic
    » Included service mesh and container monitoring
    » Principles, Ideas & Technology required to deploy a K8s cluster

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    Service Deliverables:

    » Discovery Workshops to gather business and technical requirements
    » Build High-level and Low-level designs/specs
    » Implement the actual solution
    » Handover / 1 Day training

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    Example Technologies Used:

    » AWS services: EC2, CloudFormation, cloudwatch
    » Docker, Kubernetes, Kops
    » Istio, Prometheus

About Kubernetes

Kubernetes Engine makes it easy to provide a modern, highly automated container based infrastructure to release code quickly

Led by Google the project focusses on building a platform to run thousands of containers in production.

Available on AWS Kubernetes offers a range of excellent benefits:


  • If a container fails it is automatically restarted to the desired state so the application is maintained. If a particular node in the cluster dies then the containers get rescheduled onto different nodes. If a container doesn’t respond to specific health checks that are defined for an application then it is terminated and then rescheduled.

Horizontal scaling

  • The number of required containers can easily be scaled up or down automatically based on CPU usage or manually by command.

Service discovery and load balancing

  • Using DNS naming multiple containers can be grouped together and load balanced with integration to the native LB provided by the cloud provider.

Application upgrades and rollbacks

  • Upgrade to newer application versions without impacting the existing ones and if something should go wrong then Kubernetes rolls back the change
Want to find out more? Contact us today to talk with a consultant to see how Kubernetes can help speed up your application development.

About PolarSeven

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