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PolarSeven has built and deployed Cloud Solutions for some of Australia’s largest organisations.

We have a long experience with instituting DevOps, a culture that instills greater collaboration, communication, and quality among your software development and operations teams.

We believe that DevOps gives companies the ability to deploy improvements and new features much more quickly than their competition, thus generating faster revenue and greater market share.

With a certified team of automation engineers we work with your organisation to modernise and automate your environments. We ensure secure reliable systems are deployed utilising programable infrastructure. The following outlines some of the common services we utilise to achieve this

What DevOps Can Do For You

PolarSeven excels in DevOps, a proven method wherein software developers collaborate closely with operations. By working together on the entire product lifecycle, these teams create a quicker, more agile, and more competitive IT delivery.
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Faster Time to Market

Develop, test, and deploy your products quickly. The quicker you get your software to the market, the sooner you hit revenue targets.


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Rapid Communication

By working side-by-side, all IT teams gain a better understanding of tasks and objectives, and can support each other while working towards the same goal.


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Increase in Quality

By establishing automated processes to support IT teams, less time and resources are wasted on mistakes that stem from manual labor.


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Quicker Feedback

You create a system of continuous delivery that can address business needs rapidly and predictably. Companies that can do this command a larger share of the market.


What PolarSeven DevOps Services Can Do For You

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Strategic Planning

  • We conduct a stringent planning session to see your current environment as well as identify your organisational pain points.

Architecture Definition

  • We will customise an architecture that includes scalability, monitoring, ease-of-use, feature control, and automated testing and releasing.

DevOps Implementation

  • We create a platform that can implement DevOps practices across development and operations teams, while applying stringent governance and lifecycle best practices.

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Continuous Integration

  • Testing and Delivery – Throughout the entire process, we make frequent and incremental changes to code that are automatically tested and deployed.

Organisational Change

  • We provide training and skill-development to inculcate DevOps as a culture in your organisation, even as we convert your IT processes and strategies into the DevOps model.

Ongoing DevOps Services

  • We can, as an option, provide continual support for your organisation, providing timely advice on techniques and infrastructure to support your growth.

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What Our Customers say

On reflection if we had done this at a much earlier stage we would have saved a lot of time and effort.

Sek-Mun Wong
CTO of Hey You

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