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What is DevOps?

DevOps at its core is a collaboration method where individuals (typically from development and operations) will essentially form a cross-skilled team to facilitate the release of reliable software or applications with the goal of business agility and high quality of service.

To quote a recent New York Times article: “Effectively, you can define DevOps at the top level as system administrators participating in the product development process alongside developers and using a many of the same techniques for their systems work.”


However organisations can find that this is a fundamental shift in thinking for the business and its technical teams. At PolarSeven would like to see continuous integration, testing and deployment implemented first which factors in best practices around build-automation, configuration management, and release management.

Sounds complicated? Well in all things Agile, start small, learn and iterate. Here at PolarSeven we have worked in numerous DevOps environments and have some fundamental experience in setting them up and making them work well.

The Business Benefits of DevOps

There have been numerous blogs written about the benefits of a well run DevOps team. At PolarSeven we are all about delivering things quicker in a more frequent manner with higher quality. Which is essentially the goal of DevOps.

To put it into business terms: “Companies that can deploy changes quickly and reliably are able to introduce new features and improvements in response to the market, and ahead of competitors. Their revenue streams are more dependable, and they can plan better for the future.”

This is exactly what a well setup DevOps team will do.

The Culture Benefits of DevOps

What isn’t blogged about that much is the culture benefits of DevOps. A practice that puts collaboration, communication and quality as its main theme only benefits the business and its staff. You have technical people walking around and talking business value and quality. This is unheard of in the “old IT world”.

How Can PolarSeven help our Business on the DevOps Journey?

PolarSeven can assess your teams, your environments, your toolsets and make recommendations on how to take that next step. Get in contact with us today with your DevOps needs.

About PolarSeven

PolarSeven’s vision is to be a customer centric, Amazon Web Services consultancy, where cloud computing is seen as a key enabler to our customers needs and challenges. “We help our customers achieve amazing things.....”

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