Cloud Training

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PolarSeven can also help your business with training in the Amazon Web Services space. This can vary in technical detail and type of Amazon product. We can cater the course to your needs – whether it be Cloud Fundamentals or a more technical Cloud Architect course.

Through our experience with training other teams and businesses we have the following options available:

Onsite Training

An instructor (typically one of our cloud strategists) will travel to a location of your choosing to deliver a workshop for your team based on your budget and preferences.

On Premise Training

PolarSeven can organise the premises for you and your team to receive training. It sometimes helps to get your teams off site away from the interruptions of work. So we can do all of this for you.

On-Ramp Training

Depending on your requirements PolarSeven can have your technical people “shadow” our technical staff through the course of a project. This allows what we call an “on-ramp” of technical knowledge transfer – where the customer gets to essentially learn on the job.

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