Cloud Security

Cloud Security 2014-12-10T06:42:52+00:00

One common theme we hear at PolarSeven (especially being cloud evangelists) is that data security is a concern for every business. Your data is important, confidential and has to be compliant to numerous standards.

Here are some interesting questions that should be relevant to any business:

  • What is my organization’s risk tolerance?
  • Which compliance security requirements must be met?
  • How can my cloud broker help my organisation comply with the varying data privacy rules where we do business?
  • What independently verifiable assurances does my cloud provider offer around security and privacy?
  • What security and privacy metrics will my organisation use in selecting a cloud provider and how will i monitor them?
  • How will my organisation maintain data quality?

At PolarSeven we have had experience with dealing with these common security questions and concerns. We follow AWS Security Best Practice methodologies, which are then tailored to your environment and allows PolarSeven to address these challenges – allowing your business to concentrate on what it does best.