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Cloud Finance and Management

Quite often we see companies really embrace the change of cloud computing. They have moved development environments, application suites, backup and disaster recovery all into the cloud. The change is so successful – and this is great! We love seeing companies embrace this kind of change.

However there is risk associated with this kind of un-managed uptake of any new technology.

  • Resource allocation can “blow-out” in the cloud due to ease of use. The money you were supposed to be saving is now getting eaten up month to month and you have no visibility besides your monthly bill.
  • Lack of best practice in how you are extending your service functionality into the cloud. Do you have SLA’s, Service Catalogues and does your CMDB extend into the cloud?
  • How are all the new virtualised services being managed? What kind of visibility does your Dev and Ops teams have over these services? Do you have some Dev environment operation as production environments?

These are just a few points to think about in regards to cloud finance and management. At PolarSeven we’ve been through all these “cloud growing pains” and we can help your business get your cloud under control from a financial and management perspective.

About PolarSeven

PolarSeven’s vision is to be a customer centric, Amazon Web Services consultancy, where cloud computing is seen as a key enabler to our customers needs and challenges. “We help our customers achieve amazing things.....”