What is a devops agency good for?

What is a devops agency good for?

Some of our customers see PolarSeven as a DevSecOps and Networking experts which are skills we definitely have. There is probably a misunderstanding about how hard building great infrastructure really is. As AWS has developed we have seen the tools to build software have become more and more accessible.  This has meant that software developers are able to get more complicated infrastructure going such as serverless stacks. Serverless technologies have meant that developers can start coding without worrying about the infrastructure whilst the application is small.

Containers generally take more work to get right so aren’t so favoured by software developers. As more demand is placed on the application often the infrastructure needs to grow. Monitoring and logging are two aspects which are harder to manage in serverless applications and applications running in containers. This is where PolarSeven really adds value as we have a huge depth in building this kind of infrastructure.

At PolarSeven we have built many serverless environments, container environments and CICD pipelines so we know what works well and what starts to break at scale. Unfortunately many development teams underestimate future problems due to lack of experience where a seasoned devops engineer will see the pitfalls before them. Technical debt on infrastructure is not often recognized as a better way is not known.

Devops engineers whether they are employees or agency engineers have a vast and dedicated experience to support you for networking, DevSecOps and maintaining your AWS infrastructure.