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Support for SSL and NNE in RDS for Oracle Editions

As Amazon continues to improve security for all its services, it has announced that Amazon RDS for Oracle provides support for Security Socket Layer (SSL). This will provide a secure network connection for all editions of Amazon RDS for Oracle.

An industry-wide security protocol, SSL makes use of RSA public key and symmetric key cryptography to authenticate parties and provide data encryption. AWS RDS for Oracle installs an SSL certificate signed by the Amazon certificate authority upon creation of the database instance.

Amazon RDS now also supports Native Network Encryption (NNE), which encrypts data coming to and from your database through AES, Triple DES and other industry standard forms of encryption.

You can learn more about these security standards at the AWS SSL and NNE documentation. If you require help to create your own secure databases for your enterprise, contact our AWS cloud specialists here at PolarSeven.



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