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ClickView lifts user experience and halves costs with AWS

In summary: ClickView improved reliability and cut costs, by migrating from Windows to Linux on AWS, containerising applications, and introducing... read more →
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MediaBank migrates to a scalable and highly available AWS production environment through automated cloud formation scripts

Customer Details: Our Physical Asset Manager, PAM, was created to simplify and streamline the management of digital and physical wayfinding... read more →
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Livepro achieves greater security and fault tolerance by synchronising data and applications onto a separate AWS environment

Customer Details: Livepro is a Customer Service Knowledge Management solution designed to all business to be the single source of... read more →
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True Alliance migrated their current applications from an inhouse system to a reliable AWS environment

Customer Details True Alliance is home to some of the world’s most famous “must have” brands including: Ben Sherman, Coach, Lacoste,... read more →
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PolarSeven designed, implemented and trained City of Melbourne staff on a cloud-based solution with AWS

Customer Details The City of Melbourne is Victoria’s capital city, and the state’s business, administrative, cultural and recreational hub. With... read more →
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Shootsta scales video production.

Customer Details: Shootsta are a new and exciting startup in the digital media creative space providing cost effective, simple solutions for... read more →

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