PolarSeven and AWS Webinar Series Invitation – Q3

PolarSeven and AWS Webinar Series Invitation – Q3

If you would like to stay on top of AWS and cloud industry news make sure you register for our third quarter webinar series.

The P7 Webinars will be short introduction and update sessions to educate you about AWS services and ecosystem. PolarSeven has partnered with AWS to deliver great content, demos and knowledge in 20-30 minutes webinars, that you can enjoy live every second Monday at 4pm or you can go through the recording archive to find content that may interest you.

Our third quarter’s worth of webinars are outlined for you below.

To register for the sessions you are interested in please visit the webinar page of interest, complete your details and you are done.

During the live session you will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers from our subject matter experts.

Each session will be recorded and available shortly after so even if you cant make it live register and you will get a link to the replay.

Scheduled sessions: *times are AEST

2nd July 4pm
Approve AWS CodePipeline deployments from Slack

What we will cover:
  • AWS CICD Tools
  • AWS CodePipeline Human Approval stages
  • Approve or reject from Slack demo
  • For Architects and Developers


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23rd July 4pm
Analyze your logs with SumoLogic

What we will cover:
  • Introduction to SumoLogic
  • Value of Log Analysis
  • Demo of Sumo Framework
  • For all AWS interested parties


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13th August 4pm
Deploy ServerLess lambda functions with AWS SAM

What we will cover:
  • What is Serverless
  • How to deploy to AWS Lambda
  • See the AWS SAM Framework in action
  • For Developers and Architects


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27th August 4pm
AWS Tools for Deep Learning

What we will cover:
  • Machine Learning and Deep Learning
  • AWS Solutions for DL
  • Integrate Deep Learning with your Data (Demo)
  • For Developers and Architects


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10th September 4pm
AWS Optimize your AWS environment

What we will cover:
  • AWS Well Architected Framework
  • Five Pilars of WAF
  • Cost Optimize your AWS environment
  • For IT-Infrastructure and Operations Personnel


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24th September 4pm
Guarduty to Slack Notifications

What we will cover:
  • What is GuardDuty
  • How to get GD Notifications
  • Demo of Slack Integration
  • For all AWS interested parties


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8th October 4pm
AWS Secrets Manager

What we will cover:
  • Value of Secrets Manager
  • Features
  • Demo / Walkthrough
  • For all AWS interested parties


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Check out our previous webinars in our archive here covering Foundational AWS Knowledge, DevOps, Containers and more.

About PolarSeven:

PolarSeven is a cloud-native MSP headquartered in Sydney. We are entirely focused on managed and professional services for AWS. We provide professional services for cloud implementation or workload migration, with follow-on managed services of your environment so you can focus on your business.

We also provide industry education to technical experts as well as highlighting AWS services through our monthly AWS User Group Events .

Our AWS Certifications:

  • AWS Advanced Consulting Partner
  • AWS DevOps Competency
  • Authorized Public Sector Partner
  • AWS Authorised Reseller