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One Command Instance Management With EC2 Fleets

Hot on the heels of an EC2 price reduction, AWS has announced that it will now be easier to manage EC2 Spot Fleets. Spot Fleets are a fantastic tool for launching multiple EC2 Spot Instances of various instance types and Availability Zones, without needing to create code for finding capacity or to keep an eye on prices. Now, you set and forget multiple instances using EC2 Fleets. You can create fleets made up of a combination of EC2 On-Demand, Reserved, and Spot Instances using just one API call.

Simply enter the capacity you need and instances you require, and AWS will take care of the rest. You can specify the capacity of your fleet through instances, vCPUs, or application-oriented units. In terms of EC2 Fleets these parameters are called weights. You may also determine the power of the EC2 types according to what your application requires.

EC2 Fleet is now available in all public regions. If you would like to learn how EC2 Fleet can be applied to your business, contact our cloud experts at PolarSeven today.



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