New EC2 Instances for Snowball Edge

New EC2 Instances for Snowball Edge

AWS is introducing a new line of EC2 instances that can run on AWS Snowball Edge devices. These new EC2 instances carry a total of 100TB local storage, useful for collating and processing data in difficult environments. Processed data can be delivered to AWS for subsequent storage, management and analysis.

AWS Snowball Edge, as you probably know, is a data migration and edge computing device capable of supporting EC2 instances and AWS Lambda functions. It is mostly useful for rugged, distant locations where it may be difficult or even impossible to go online.

The current sbe1 instances go from small to large, with their Memory ranging from 1GB to 32GB accordingly. Each device is outfitted with an Intel Xeon D 1.8 GHZ processor, and can hold up to 24 vCPUs and 32 GB of memory. An EC2-compatible endpoint can start, stop, restart, and terminate instances as needed.

In order to set up the device, you need to: create a suitable AMI, order a Snowball Edge, and finally; connect and configure the device.

While using the Snowball Edge, keep note of the following:

  1. You will be billed once for the set-up of a job. Then, after 10 days, you will pay a per-day fee for each device. Alternatively, if you wish to keep a device for longer, you can pay a one-time fee for one to three years.
  2. Each device provides S3 access through a compatible endpoint accessible through an on-device code.
  3. You should be able to do development and testing on an EC2 instance running in the cloud.

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