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Managed Platform for AWS Elastic Beanstalk

AWS Elastic Beanstalk lets you upload, deploy and run code for web apps and services. AWS regularly provides updates for supported platforms, but you had to apply them manually.

Now, AWS has announced that Elastic Beanstalk will now have managed platform updates. Through this feature, you can apply an update by setting a maintenance time when you can upgrade to the latest version.

Managed platforms were designed to be secure and reliable. No changes are made to your environment until updates have been checked as available and healthy. If problems are found while the update is being applied, all traffic will be redirected to your other instances to maintain uptime.

You have a wide array of options for installing patches, such as installing outside of the maintenance window or automatic updates for minor patches.

This feature is available now for free. If you wish to learn how Elastic Beanstalk can empower your enterprise, kindly look up our cloud specialists at PolarSeven today.



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