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EC2 Spot Instances Allow Stop and Resume

AWS made EC2 Spot Instances more useful and flexible by adding the ability to stop rather than terminate a spot instance when its capacity is no longer available or if it is below your bid price. It may be resumed when capacity is available again.

Any EBS volumes attached when an instance stops will remain as is. When the instance resumes, you will not have to waste time configuring it again by provisioning applications, setting up an EBS volume, and so on. These will remain intact.

You may still configure your EBS optimization, Userdata, Ramdisk ID and Delete on termination attribute while the instance is stopped. You will not, however, be charged for usage. Still, the EBS volumes will still incur charges for space used.

This feature is currently available for Spot instances in all regions. You may also use it with the per second billing for EC2 instances and EBS volumes, allowing for great cost savings apart from using Spot Instances.

Note that the EBS volumes created inside a specific Availability Zone. As such, all Spot and Spot Fleet requests specific to an AZ will restart in that AZ.

Please also note to carefully watch your account’s limits for IP addresses and EBS volumes for Spot Fleets that have a wide variety of instance types. These types may change over time.

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