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PolarSeven are a team of AWS engineers based in Sydney. We help peoples websites run faster, not fall over, cost less to run, be more secure and get features your customers want delivered faster.

PolarSeven engineers work in your offices or remotely. We prefer to work remotely in an agile manner but we appreciate if you are forced to work with a fixed price and variations constraints.

Every engagement starts with a Discovery Workshop which lets us understand your environment and challenges. The Discovery Workshop costs 5k and the cost of the Discovery Workshop can be offset against any future work.

The cloud is servers that are maintained and managed by a supplier such as AWS. In 2018 the cloud means you can run applications without worrying about whether your site will go down. AWS provides many tools to allow developers to build applications faster.

Your data can be stored in Australia or anywhere else in the world if you want. You choose where your data is stored.

Moving into the cloud there is little correlation with traditional on premise server ideas. Having an open mind about what is possible is the most important aspect to working with PolarSeven.