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Cloud Month In Review—September 2017

This month of September, AWS comes back with some new enhancements to IaasS, particularly EC2.

AWS Launches Network Load Balancer

AWS has launched the new Network Load Balancer. Designed to handle hundreds of thousands of requests per second, Network Load Balancers guarantee incredibly low latency with high network throughput. Since it is compatible with the Application Load Balancer you may use them in tandem, gaining full control of Targets and Target Groups.

Its features include:

  • Static IP Addresses
  • Zonality
  • Source Address Preservation
  • Long-Running Connections.
  • Failover Measures


New EC2 Instances with 4TB Memory

AWS is proud to announce that the new x1e.32xlarge EC2 instances are available now in four different regions. These instances sport 4 TB of DD4 memory and therefore can run SAP HANA and other kinds of memory-intensive and resident applications.

X1E.32xLARGE features:

  • 4TB DD4 memory
  • quad socket Intel Xeon E7 8880 v3 Haswell processors running at 2.3GHz (128 vCPUs),
  • large L3 caches
  • large memory bandwidth,
  • support for C-state and P-state management.
  • 25 Gbps of network bandwidth when launched within an EC2 placement group, with added support for up to 8 Elastic Network Interfaces(ENIs) per instance.


EC2 Spot Instances Allow Stop and Resume

AWS made EC2 Spot Instances more useful and flexible by adding the ability to stop rather than terminate a spot instance when its capacity is no longer available or if it is below your bid price. It may be resumed when capacity is available again.

AWS EC2 is a secure compute service that you can resize according to your need and your price. If you would like to apply EC2 to your enterprise, contact our AWS experts today at PolarSeven.



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