Cloud Month in Review – October 2017

Cloud Month in Review – October 2017

This month, Amazon is proud to announce some new additions to its already impressive hardware.

AWS Releases Amazon Linux AMI 2017.09

Need a stable, powerful environment to run your Linux applications? AWS EC2 can provide that with the latest version of the Linux AMI, version 2017.09. Currently released to all AWS regions, this latest iteration sports several new features.


Amazon EC2 now has Microsoft SQL Server 2017

AWS is proud to announce that it has launched Microsoft SQL Server 2017. You may now launch Amazon EC2 instances on Windows Server 2016 with four different editions of MS SQL Server 2017: Web, Express, Standard, and Enterprise.

Its features include:

  • Adaptive Query processing
  • Graph databases
  • Support for Linux and Docker


Gluon: High-Performance Machine Learning Interface


AWS and Microsoft have just announced the launch of Gluon, an open-source API for deep learning developers to rapidly and efficiently create high-performance machine learning models.

Gluon’s API contains a library of ready-made and enhanced neural network modules. These will help both beginners and seasoned developers alike to quickly build prototypes and use dynamic neural network graphs for their own creations—with no slowdown on training the network.


Amazon EC2 P3 Instances Feature 8 NVIDA Tesla V100 GPUs

 Amazon is proud to announce that it is introducing the latest Graphic Processing Units to its line of EC2 instances. The new Amazon EC2 P3 instances let you have up to 8 NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs.

P3 instances were created to take on compute-intensive machine learning, deep learning, seismic analysis, and other heavy-duty tasks. There are three available sizes, each one using a customized Intel Xeon E5-2686v4 processor with 2.7 GHz.

  • 2xlarge– 1 Tesla GPU; 16G GPU Memory; 8 vCPUs; 61GB Memory; Up to 10GB Network Memory; 1.5 Gbps EBS Bandwidth
  • 8xlarge– 4 Tesla GPU; 64G GPU Memory; 200 Gbps NVIDIA NVLink; 32 vCPUs; 244 GB Memory; 10GB Network Memory; 7 Gbps EBS Bandwidth
  • 16xlarge– 8 Tesla GPU; 128G GPU Memory; 300 Gbps NVIDIA NVLink; 64 vCPUs; 488 GB Memory; 25GB Network Memory; 14 Gbps EBS Bandwidth