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Cloud Month in Review–August 2017

August is filled with enhancements to AWS’s current line of services. Check out our updates below:

EC2 Systems Manager Now Syncs with S3

AWS announced a new feature for EC2 Systems Manager: Resource Data Sync or S3 Sync. With this, you may gather data from all your EC2 instances in any region and store in them in Amazon S3. From here you can use Amazon Athena to run queries against the instance inventory.

You can also use Amazon Quicksight to view the software installed on your instances. You can learn more about this process through the user guide.

Amazon Lex and Amazon Connect Integration

Amazon Connect allows users to provide a cost-effective cloud contact customer service. Meanwhile, Amazon Lex is a service that lets you build conversational interfaces through voice and text.

You may integrate these two services to come up with a self-service system for customers. This would leverage on Amazon Lex’s automatic speech recognition (ASR) and natural language processing and understanding (NLP/NLU). This could service any number of customer requests 24/7, no need to wait for business hours!

AWS Launches Amazon Macie

AWS has just announced in the recent NY Summit the launch of Amazon Macie—a brand new service designed to use machine learning to help data security.

Macie classifies the data you store in Amazon S3. After that, it provides each piece of data with a business value and continuously monitors it for anomalous activity.

Macie uses machine learning algorithms to automatically identify and classify your data. It also detects usual sources of personally identifiable or sensitive information. Using predictive analysis, Macie can then check for anomalous access to your data.

Amazon SES Releases Dedicated IP Pools

AWS just announced that Amazon SES will now have Dedicated IP Pools. These IP pools let you specify dedicated IP addresses to send out your emails with. With this, you may send out different kinds of emails for different purposes. You can dedicate on IP for sending marketing emails and another IP for transaction emails.

The emails sent out using Amazon SES are sent through a shared IP, which handles sending emails for customers. Amazon SES maintains the right volume and deliverability with each IP. However, when sending hundreds of thousands of emails a day, shared IPs don’t work as well.

A dedicated IP allows you to control your IPs. For example, you may troubleshoot deliverability or problems with reputation. It can allow you to maintain your reputation for email certification programs that require you to have a dedicated IP.

AWS Cost Explorer Reports Enhancements

Launched in 2014, AWS Cost Explorer provides users the reports and tools to analyze and comprehend their expenses when using the AWS Cloud. This week, AWS has released a major enhancement to AWS Cost Explorer.

  • You may use Group By with several options for grouping.
  • You may choose from a new set of filters or view by region.
  • You may view usage by instance type. You may also exclude instance types.
  • You may download reports as a CSV file.
  • You may create your own report based on a template or customize an existing one.All reports will be accessible from the Report menu.
  • AWS Cost Explorer comes with two reports on Reserved Instances. The RI Utilization report which states the amount of your RI Capacity that is being used, and your RI Usage report which indicates how much of your EC2 usage is handled by RIs.


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