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Cloud Month In Review – May 2017

Cloud month may 2017 AWS comes back with new updates this month!

Amazon Redshift Spectrum Launched

AWS has just introduced Amazon Redshift Spectrum, a service that lets users run complex queries on information stored in Amazon S3. While Amazon Redshift lets you build petabyte-sized warehouses for your data, Amazon Redshift Spectrum lets you query that data without having to rely on other applications.

AWS Reduces Price for M4 and Reserved Instances

AWS is all about economy of scale, and when their technology makes a great leap forward the result is cost reduction. AWS is happy to announce that it is lowering prices for reserved instances and M4 instances as well.

Amazon Chime Lets You Claim Domains

Amazon Chime is the service of choice for collaboration and communication within AWS. With it one can chat with as many colleagues across the world as they want. There’s more to Amazon Chime, however, as AWS debuts its two new features.

  • Claim your own domain – When you claim a domain with Amazon Chime, you manage Chime for all the users within that domain
  • Support for Existing Active Directory you can also enable features such as password rotation, password complexity rules, and multi-factor authentication.

Amazon EBS Adds Cost Allocation

As an added features, you may use cost allocation for EBS snapshots. This feature lets you assign costs to your specified projects, departments or entity—highly useful for businesses using Amazon EBS. Managed Service Providers will also be able to map snapshot costs to individual customer applications and accounts.

Amazon EC2 Container Service Review

Launched over a year ago, this service allows you to run as many Docker containers as you like over a managed cluster of EC2 Instances. You get full support for console, API, CloudFormation, CLI, and PowerShell. Large companies such as Realtor.com, Mapbox, Capital One and Instakart all run on Amazon ECS. It is also used as a base for developers such as Rack, Empire, and Cloud Container Cluster Visualizer.



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