Cloud Month in Review – June 2018

Cloud Month in Review – June 2018

The month of June brought exciting new enhancements to the AWS Cloud!

AWS EC2 Introduces New Instance Type and Nitro System

A new AWS EC2 update includes C5d instances. These can give up to 50% better performance compared to the C4 instances. They have up to 77 vCPUs, 144 Gigabytes of RAM, and 1.8 Terabytes of local NVMe storage. Currently, it’s available in 5 regions.

Amazon ElastiCache Now Compatible with Redis 4.0

AWS is pleased to announce that Amazon ElastiCache now has compatibility with Redis 4.0. This allows you to launch Redis 4.0 ElastiCache nodes or clusters.

The Amazon ElastiCache service makes it simple for you create a fully managed in-memory data store and cache with either Redis or Memcached. To launch a Redis cluster, you may use the AWS Management Console or the AWS Command Line Interface.

Amazon Neptune Now Made Generally Available

Amazon Neptune is AWS’s fully-managed high-performance graph database service, allowing users to create applications that work with highly-connected datasets. Amazon Neptune is capable of storing billions of relationships and can query graphs with latencies measured in milliseconds.

Amazon EKS now Generally Available

Previously announced in re:Invent 2017, AWS has just released Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes ( Amazon EKS ) for production. It is ready to run client Kubernetes workloads.

According to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, AWS is the cloud of choice for Kubernetes, with more than half of companies surveyed choosing to run Kubernetes in AWS. Given that EKS is already in the AWS Cloud, it synergizes well with AWS services.