Cloud Month In Review – July 2018

Cloud Month In Review – July 2018

Amazon EBS Snapshot Lifecycle Manager Launched

The Amazon Data Lifecycle Manager automates the creation, retention, and removal of Amazon EBS volume snapshots. Users no longer need to manually create and delete snapshots. Instead, they can make a policy that dictates which volumes are to be snapshotted, set a retention model, and provide some additional details. Data Lifecycle Manager handles it from there.

New EC2 Instances — z1d, R5, and R5d

AWS has launched new EC2 instances with faster processors and more memory:

z1d– z1d instances have custom Intel Xeon Scalable Processors and are available in six sizes. They will have 48 vCPUs, 384 Gb of memory, and 1.8TB of local NVMe storage.

R5 and R5d — Memory-optimized EC2 instances running up to 3.1 Ghz powered by sustained all-core Turbo Boost. I has up to 50% more vCPUs and 60% more memory than R4 instances. R5d also has local NVMe storage.

EC2 C5 Instances with NVMe storage Available

Sometimes, applications require high-speed, low-latency storage to go with their operations. To help with this, AWS has released new C5 instances that come with local NVMe storage of up to 900 GiB.

Amazon Neptune Now Made Generally Available

Amazon Neptune is AWS’s fully-managed high-performance graph database service, allowing users to create applications that work with highly-connected datasets. Amazon Neptune is capable of storing billions of relationships and can query graphs with latencies measured in milliseconds.

Amazon ElastiCache Now Compatible with Redis 4.0

AWS is pleased to announce that Amazon ElastiCache now has compatibility with Redis 4.0. This allows you to launch Redis 4.0 ElastiCache nodes or clusters.