Cloud Month In Review – August 2018

Cloud Month In Review – August 2018

Amazon EKS now Generally Available

Previously announced in re:Invent 2017, AWS has just released Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes ( Amazon EKS ) for production. It is ready to run client Kubernetes workloads.

Amazon SQS May Now Trigger Amazon Lambda

Users may now set Amazon SQS (Simple Queue Service) to trigger Amazon Lambda functions. This new function is free.

Amazon EBS Snapshot Lifecycle Manager Launched

First launched in 2008, Amazon EBS was designed to provide persistence storage for AWS cloud users. To help existing users create and manage their Amazon EBS snapshots, AWS has launched the Amazon Data Lifecycle Manager.

AWS IoT Defender Launched

AWS IoT Defender is a fully-managed service that audits, analyses, detects possible intrusion in your connected devices. It also recommends ways to mitigate the threats. You may use it to cover a wide array of devices.

AWS Releases New EC2 T3 Instances

AWS is proud to announce the release of new AWS EC2 T3 instances. These instances all have custom 2.5 GHz Intel Xeon Scalable Processors with Intel AVX-512 instructions. These make the new instances excellent for workloads that don’t need sustained compute power, as they can still provide high performance when necessary through unlimited bursting.

Amazon Elastic File System Adds Provisioned Throughput

Amazon Elastic File System allows you to create enormous file systems that can service thousands of EC2 instances in parallel, all at once. Storage is distributed across several Availability Zones and other redundant storage servers to maintain a dependable access to data. You may allocate space only as needed, which means you pay only for what you use. Applications may get high levels of throughput and IOPS with low latencies.