Amaysim Case Study

    Customer Details:

    Amaysim is an Australian telecommunications provider, founded in November 2010.

    Amaysim operates as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator on the Optus 4G network, and specialises in offering a range of mobile and broadband plans for customers who bring their own handsets to the Amaysim service.

    Business Needs:

    What were some pain points Amaysim was experiencing that prompted a search for a cloud services provider?

    “Amaysim was in market for a consultancy that could provide best practice cloud migration of existing infrastructure. Its existing infrastructure was outsourced, and was cumbersome to manage from a resource point of view.

    Amaysim was looking for a high availability cloud solution coupled with best practise implementation. It found both with Polarseven and AWS for migrating all its infrastructure to the cloud.”


    What solution was implemented within the business? What specifications needed to be adhered to?

    “Amaysim’s complete infrastructure was migrated to AWS, with the highest standards adhered to. Best practises across the board, from provisioning to orchestration were implemented.

    The project specification had a continuous delivery mandate, as the project progressed the scope and the required standard increased, yet this led to a better result for Amaysim.”

    Systems & Capabilities Delivered:

    • Cloud Formation
    • Team City Automation Server
    • Full CI/CD processes for all applications
    • New Relic monitoring
    • Gluster
    • OpenVPN
    • Chef Server and Chef provisioning of all instances
    • Solr Search Nodes
    • Graphite metric collection and monitoring
    • Logging infrastructure with Logstash, Elastic Search, and Kibana
    • Amaysim specific backend applications
    • Amaysim specific web applications
    • Business Intelligence applications
    • Active Directory integration
    • Assisted in RDS implementation and migration tasks

    >> Read the detailed case study featured by AWS here

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