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Amazon Web Services User Group Sydney – September 2018

Only one week away until our next monthly AWS meetup! Make sure you RSVP now as you definitely don’t want to miss guest speakers from FreshWorks and Evident.io. Please arrive 10 minutes before to settle in, and register for the draw prize. Ensure you are present for the draw at the end for your chance to win prizes such as an […]

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Amazon Web Services User Group – August 2018 Presentations

  Session 1: Automated Video Editing with Amazon Rekognition A big thanks to John Rotenstein from AWS who showed us all how Amazon is opening doors to the future with Rekognition software. Whether you look to detect a face in still images, or extract video clips containing a specific person, the opportunity behind Amazon Rekognition is endless. Presenter: John Rotenstein, Technical […]

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Amazon Web Services User Group Sydney – August 2018

It’s nearly that time of month again, and as usual you won’t want to be late! Starting off the night, John Rotenstein a technical trainer from AWS will walk through Automating Video Editing using Amazon Rekognition. We then have presentations from CloudHealth and PagerDuty, so be sure to join us at 6:00pm for some pizza and beer on August 1st. […]

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Amazon Web Services User Group Sydney – June 2018

Coming up June 6th will be our 71st AWS User Group Meetup. This month we will be joined by Mitch Beaumont from AWS presenting on Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (EKS) as well as presentations from Talend and Commvault. We’ll also have a door prize draw for an Echo Dot, so you could be like last months lucky winner Wahid, pictured […]

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Amazon Web Services User Group – May 2018 Presentations

Session 1: AWS Summit Review by PolarSeven – Darrell King followed by “Monitoring and Troubleshooting complex issues using Sumo Logic” with Nikhil Sing – Tektorch” Session 2: AWS S3 Security: Your One Week Action Plan “Learn AWS S3 security best practices, automated remediation tips, and how to continuously monitor your bucket security to keep your data safe no matter how […]

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Amazon Web Services User Group – March 2018 Presentations

Thanks to everyone who attended our monthly AWS User Group Sydney presentation night last week. We have all the slides and video presentations for you below if you were not able to make it. There will be NO User Group event next month due to the AWS Sydney Summit so we hope that we will see a lot of you there. […]

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Amazon Web Services User Group Sydney – February 2018

Introductions and What’s New In AWS – by PolarSeven Bonus Session AWS Mitch Beaumant – Amazon Fargate in 15 minutes Session 1: Security Policy Lifecycle Management “Automated security actions based on observed security events and protecting AWS deployments are some of the key challenges facing network and security teams. With the general availability of Palo Alto Networks PAN-OS 8.0 software, […]

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AWS User Group December 6th

We are here! At the end of the year and ready for some festive cheer. Our last AWS User Group for 2017 and we get to run it right in the AWS Offices themselves. Plus this week you have the opportunity to get some free AWS training courtesy of PolarSeven, AWS and Sumologic. If you haven’t heard its re:Invent this week in […]

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AWS User Group Sydney #66 – November 1st – Presentations

Thank you to everyone who attended last week to our 66th AWS User Group. Great information and talks again from Westcon and A Cloud Guru, the slides and videos for which are below. Next month we will be covering the news and events that happen at re:Invent with our panel of AWS experts which will be running at the AWS […]

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AWS User Group Sydney #66 – November 1st

We are drawing close to the end of another year with our penultimate AWS User Group for the year. Two more great presentations coming up this month, especially if you like serverless. You are going to want to make sure you don’t miss Sam Kroonenberg, Founder of A Cloud Guru who will be sharing his experience and wisdom, Session 1 […]

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