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AWS Cost Explorer Provides Reserved Instance Utilization Report

The AWS Cost Explorer tool lets you keep track of your spending on AWS. By providing reports and analytical tools, you can keep track of your cloud expenses and analyze your spending patterns. AWS Cost Explorer even lets you drill down into specific areas and set up your own filters for better analysis. AWS has announced that Cost Explorer will […]

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Cloud Month in Review — December 2016

Let’s ring in the New Year with a brief look at last month’s cloud news. AWS Personal Health Dashboard Launched on Dec. 1, 2016, the Dashboard provides an in-depth and personalized look at the performance and availability of each AWS service you use. You don’t have to look anywhere else to find out about the health of your resources and […]

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AWS Shield and Route 53 Reduces DDoS

In the wake of a recent large-scale DDoS attack that has locked out millions of people from several websites in Europe and North America, clients have been looking into various ways to secure their data in the cloud. AWS has recommended two services, AWS Route 53 and AWS Shield, along with best practices that will mitigate the risk of such […]

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Amazon ECS supports Windows Containers (Beta)

Launched in 2014, Amazon ECS is a highly scalable and reliable container management service. It supports Docker containers and lets you run a cluster of EC2 instances. This eliminates the need for you to manage, run, or install your own container service. Now, Amazon ECS is providing support for Windows containers as well. While this support will be at beta-level […]

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Amazon EFS Now Supports Direct Connect

Launched last year, Amazon Elastic File System or Amazon EFS allowed users to configure and manage shared file storage in AWS. Since then, AWS has updated EFS to connect on-premise through AWS Direct Connect. This can be useful in a number of ways: For file migration and data backup, you may link your servers to an Amazon EFS file system, copy […]

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AWS Launches Amazon QuickSight Enterprise Edition

Amazon QuickSight  Standard Edition was launched in November 2016 to provide an easy means of big data analytics. Now, AWS is launching its Enterprise Edition, which adds two features: Active Directory Integration and Encryption at Rest. User Authentication Enterprise edition uses AWS Managed Microsoft Active Directory (AD) to authenticate users. Users may sign on to QuickSight with credentials that are […]

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AWS Launches IPv6 Support for VPN EC2 Instances

IPv6 is fast-becoming the norm given its 128 bits for address space. This makes it handy for the growing areas of IoT and online devices. As such, AWS is announcing that it will now support IPv6 for both its Virtual Private Cloud and EC2 instances in VPNs–completely free. This service will begin for US East (Ohio) and will continue to roll […]

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AWS Personal Health Dashboard

AWS announced that they have launched the Personal Health Dashboard last Dec. 1, 2016. The Dashboard provides an in-depth and personalized look at the performance and availability of each AWS service you use. You don’t have to look anywhere else to find out about the health of your resources and any issues they may experience. You will get notifications from […]

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Cloud Month in Review – November 2016

This month saw some drastic reduction in prices for a few AWS services. AWS S3 and Glacier Price Reduction AWS announced that starting Dec. 1, 2016, both S3 and Glacier storage services will see price reductions. This is to reflect the AWS’s savings derived from technological economies of scale. The original six pricing tiers have been reduced to three. AWS Glacier […]

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AWS re:Invent Keynote Summary – Part 2

It was Werner Vogels turn today at AWS re:Invent to take the stage and to release another wave of announcements. Here’s a snapshot of the announcements made today. You can read the first key note announcements that were made in our previous blog post here. Come along to discuss all these and the rest of the announcements at our Monthly AWS […]

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