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Top 5 Features of Amazon WorkSpaces

This is the second blog in our Remote Working series. Please see our first blog at to see the... read more →
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Remote Working with AWS

The COVID 19 pandemic has seen many companies tumble head-first into remote working without the benefit of foresight or preparation.... read more →
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Why AWS is the best platform for your Microsoft workloads

Microsoft Workloads are best run on AWS! If you are a Microsofty, you are now aghast. In a state of... read more →
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AWS Fargate v Amazon ECS v Amazon EKS

Should we go cloud-native? Which platform should we choose? Which precise services to procure? These are important questions. Questions that... read more →
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AWS User Group Sydney #04 – Landing Zones

Hi everyone, We will be hosting the AWS User Group again next Wednesday a week from now at the AWS... read more →

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