AWS User Group Sydney #66 – November 1st – Presentations

AWS User Group Sydney #66 – November 1st – Presentations

Thank you to everyone who attended last week to our 66th AWS User Group.

Great information and talks again from Westcon and A Cloud Guru, the slides and videos for which are below.

Next month we will be covering the news and events that happen at re:Invent with our panel of AWS experts which will be running at the AWS Offices in Sydney.

Make sure that you register here to attend.

For now, please check out the slides and videos from last weeks User Group.

Session 1 – Extending AWS Security best practice through Next Gen Security solutions

With introductions and news on AWS from PolarSeven, Westcon also present on public cloud computing challenges with real life deployment bootstrapping in AWS and easy deployment.

Session 2 – 10 tips for running a serverless business… #6 will blow your mind!

In this presentation, Sam covers what it’s like to be 2 years into running an entirely serverless platform on AWS. The ACG team invested in Lambda, API Gateway & other serverless technologies very early, and now offer a unique perspective for anyone looking to “go serverless” and invest in similar technologies. Sam will take you through the journey and share the top 10 things he’s learned from running a serverless company, from both a technical & business perspective.