AWS Storage Gateway Launches Hardware Appliance

AWS Storage Gateway Launches Hardware Appliance

AWS Storage Gateway is a service that allows you to link your on-site applications to Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) and Amazon Glacier. You can have this service run on your own virtual environment and have your applications and operating systems connect to it as a block share, file system or virtual tape library. You may use AWS Storage Gateway for backups, archiving, disaster recovery, cloud data processing, storage tiering and migration.

AWS recently announced that it has launched AWS Storage Gateway as a brand new hardware appliance. This allows you to use Storage Gateway even without a virtual environment, server-class hardware, or IT support staff.

You may now order the appliance from Amazon to be delivered to sites like branch offices, warehouses, and outposts that don’t have necessary IT resources for such storage.

The appliance provides three ways of storage:

  • File Gateway – This will provide file access to Amazon S3 using NFS or SMB. The files are stored as S3 objects so you may use features such as lifecycle management and cross-region replication. You may also trigger AWS Lambda functions, run Amazon Athena queries, and use Amazon Macie.
  • Volume Gateway – You may use cloud-backed storage volumes that can be accessed as local iSCSI volumes. You can set your Gateway to cache frequently accessed data locally, or store a full copy of your data locally. You may also make EBS snapshots of your volumes for recovery purposes.
  • Tapes Gateway – Access a cloud-based virtual tape library (VTL), also accessible by iSCSI, that can take the place of an on-site tape system.

The new AWS Storage Gateway is available for purchase now. If you need more options or guidance for cloud storage for your enterprise, contact us today at PolarSeven.