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AWS Releases Amazon Linux AMI 2017.09

Need a stable, powerful environment to run your Linux applications? AWS EC2 can provide that with the latest version of the Linux AMI, version 2017.09. Currently released to all AWS regions, this latest iteration sports several new features.

  • Kernel 4.9.51 – contains the ENA 1.3.0 driver and supports TCP Bottleneck Bandwidth and RTT (BBR).
  • New SSM AgentAmazon SSM Agent is already installed, allowing you to use EC2 Run Command to manage and run scripts immediately.
  • Python 3.6 – Latest version of Python included.
  • Ruby 2.4 – Also included in the AMI.
  • OpenSSL 1.0.2k
  • HTTP/2 – the AMI’s httpd24, nginx and curl packages support the HTTP/2 protocol
  • Relational Databases – Postgres 9.6 and MySQL 5.7
  • OpenMPI – Upgraded to 2.1.1. Compatibility packages are available and can be used to build and run older OpenMPI Applications.
  • Available for EBS-backed and Instance Store-backed instances
  • Supports HVM and PV modes.
  • Updates to Squid 3.5, Nginx 1.12, Tomcat 8.5 and GCC 6.4.
  • No-fuss Upgrade – you may upgrade any existing instances by running two commands followed by a reboot:

$ sudo yum clean all

$ sudo yum update


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