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AWS Meetup July 2016

Another great AWS Sydney Meetup ran this week with a full house and some brilliant presentations.

If you missed out then you are in luck as we have all the slide decks and also videos of the presentations for you below.

Make sure you get registered now for the next event coming on August 3rd. We hope to see you there.

AWS Meetup July 6th 2016

Introductions and agenda for the evening:

Session 1: Iain Robertson – Brocade

Review of the “ELB Sandwich” design
– Is it always best to design?
– How can it impact performance, security & complexity?

Accelerating web-based applications
– Why HHP/2 is so much faster than HTTP 1.1
– Implementing HTTP/2 without changing your webservers.
– Simplifying certain SSL designs & lowering recurring costs.
– Solving unexpected application problems with ADCs

View the presentation video below and the slidedeck that was presented is also underneath the video.


Session 2: Gilles Baillet – AMP

“What we learned from the AWS Outage”

Gilles will be sharing some of the experiences they faced first hand, how they resolved them and what they are looking to do differently in the future.


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