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AWS Launches Application Discovery Service Console

Planning on migrating to the AWS cloud? Need a way to discover and collect all information on your system? The AWS Application Discovery Service can do that for you automatically.

By using a light data collection agent, or connecting through AWS’s Agentless Discovery Connector through your VMWare, you may start gathering information on your devices, applications, events, and other pertinent materials.

AWS Application Discovery Service Console

Now, AWS is introducing the Application Discovery Service Console, a way to keep the discovery process simple and effective. The console does 4 things:

  1. Installs the lightweight agent
  2. Discovers your Applications
  3. Maps Application dependencies
  4. Measures Application performance


When you select your manner of data collection, you may still choose to go with the Agentless Discovery Connector.

Also as per usual, the Application Discovery Service Console will collect information on: devices, installed applications, running processes, TCP v4 and v6 connections, CPU and memory usage, process creation and termination events, disk and network events, NIC information, kernal brand, model, and configuration, and DNS, DHP and Active Directory usage.

You can start using this service right now. And if you require assistance in migrating to the AWS cloud, contact our cloud business experts at PolarSeven today.

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