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AWS Launches Amazon Macie

AWS has just announced in the recent NY Summit the launch of Amazon Macie—a brand new service designed to use machine learning to help data security.

Macie classifies the data you store in Amazon S3. After that, it provides each piece of data with a business value and continuously monitors it for anomalous activity. In short:

  • Amazon Macie automatically analyzes, processes and detects certain types data, such as names, addresses, and birthdates. It also gathers info on access patterns, time and location of access, and user authentication.
  • Amazon Macie monitors usage log data for suspicious activity and reports to the data owner through CloudWatch Events and Lambda.
  • Amazon Macie automatically provides protection while giving management visibility to one’s storage data.
  • Amazon Macie allows you to manage both reporting and requirements for alert management.

Macie uses machine learning algorithms to automatically identify and classify your data. It also detects usual sources of personally identifiable or sensitive information. Using predictive analysis, Macie can then check for anomalous access to your data.

Not only can Macie help protect your data, it can also help with industry standards, compliance, and audits. Its interactive dashboard lets you stay on top of what is going on with your data at all times.

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