AWS IoT Analytics Now Generally Available

AWS IoT Analytics Now Generally Available

AWS is proud to announce that AWS IoT Analytics is now available in the following regions: US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), US East (Ohio), and EU (Ireland). Through this service, users may prepare and analyze data collected from IoT devices.

AWS IoT Analytics performs two services:

Data Preparation:

Channels – this is where data enters into IoT Analytics. Channels collect data from an existing IoT Core MQTT topic or from external sources that send messages to the channel through Ingestion API. Channels may be scaled and take messages either in Binary or JSON Format. Where necessary, they may also store raw data for easier reprocessing using different logic.

Pipelines – these consume messages from channels and lets you process them in activities. These activities may be:

  • filtering based on attributes,
  • altering the message content through fields
  • invoking Lambda functions for intricate transformations
  • adding data from external sources
  • enriching messags with data from IoT Core.

Data Store – data outputted by pipelines may be stored here. Data Store is optimized for IoT and allow for queries. Results from queries done on a data store are put in a Dataset.

Data Analytics:

Datasets – resembling an SQL database, users may create Datasets by running queries on a Data Store. They may also be created manually or through a schedule.

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