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AWS Introduces Inter-region VPC Peering

The recent AWS re:Invent saw the launch of inter-region VPC peering. In the past, users have been able to link up virtual private clouds that are located within the same region. This allowed to VPCs to interact with each other as if they were on the same network.

Now, this same peering model can apply to VPCs across different regions. As before, it may work in the same account or through two existing ones.

From here, you can do a lot with VPC peering. You can share resources in your organizations VPC before linking it with other VPC from multiple departments. This eliminates the need to use network address translation.

To create a connection, an invitation must be sent from a VPC and accepted by another VPC. Peering connections may be created through AWS Management Console, VPC APIs, AWS Command Line Interface, or the AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell.

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