AWS Gives Host-based Routing Support for Load Balancers

AWS Gives Host-based Routing Support for Load Balancers

application load balancersAWS had previously introduced Application Load Balancers, which can be used to route HTTP and HTTPS traffic depending on the path element of the request’s URL. Now, AWS has expanded this feature by allowing you to route incoming traffic based on the domain name in the host header.

This means that you can send requests to to one group and requests to to another distinct group.

With this new feature, customers no longer have to launch fleets of proxy servers for the sole purpose of routing based on hosts. This simplifies your architecture and lowering your operating costs. Now that you have the ability to direct the route by host and path, you may also build and scale applications made up of several microservices running within any AWS EC2 container service containers.

AWS has also announced that it has introduced a new rules editor and also increased the number of rules allowed per Load Balancer from 10 to 75. The first 10 rules evaluated by the load balancer are free, but succeeding ones will be charged.

You may use host-based routing support today, free of charge. If you need help setting up your cloud architecture, seek out the services of AWS experts from PolarSeven.