AWS EC2 Introduces New Instance Type and Nitro System

AWS EC2 Introduces New Instance Type and Nitro System

A new AWS EC2 update includes C5d instances. These can give up to 50% better performance compared to the C4 instances. They have up to 77 vCPUs, 144 Gigabytes of RAM, and 1.8 Terabytes of local NVMe storage. Currently, it’s available in 5 regions.

Aside from this development, also available in 5 regions are the general purpose M5d instances. They have up to 96 vCPUs, 384 Gigabytes RAM, and 3.6 Terabytes local NVMe storage.

Similarly, the i3.metal instances are now also available in 5 regions. You may use these to run any performance analysis tools that are dependent on hardware, as well as workloads the need bare-metal infrastructure and applications that run on non-virtual environments. Currently in development are i3.metal instances with 6 Gigabytes RAM and higher.

AWS EC2 Innovates with Nitro

Nitro is a system that provides AWS the flexibility to design and deliver EC2 instance types with a wide variety of compute, storage, memory, and networking options. Thanks to this system, AWS will be able to develop new instance types much faster, moving forward.

Features include:

  • Local NVMe Storage – the above-mentioned instances all have the Nitro local NVMe storage building block.
  • Nitro Hypervisor – a hypervisor that manages memory and CPU allocation and provides performance that matches bare metal for most workload types.
  • Networking – Hardware support for software-defined network within a Virtual Private Cloud, Enhanced Networking, and Elastic Network Adapter.
  • Elastic Block Storage – Hardware EBS processing, including CPU-intensive cryptographic operations.

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