AWS Cost Explorer Reports Enhancements

AWS Cost Explorer Reports Enhancements


Launched in 2014, AWS Cost Explorer provides users the reports and tools to analyze and comprehend their expenses when using the AWS Cloud. This week, AWS has released a major enhancement to AWS Cost Explorer. Updates include the following:


  • You may use Group By with several options for grouping.

aws cost explorer1

  • You may choose from a new set of filters or view by region.

aws cost explorer2

  • You may view usage by instance type. You may also exclude instance types.
  • You may download reports as a CSV file.
  • You may create your own report based on a template or customize an existing one.

aws cost explorer 3All reports will be accessible from the Report menu.

  • AWS Cost Explorer comes with two reports on Reserved Instances. The RI Utilization report which states the amount of your RI Capacity that is being used, and your RI Usage report which indicates how much of your EC2 usage is handled by RIs.

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