AWS Blockchain Templates Now Available

AWS Blockchain Templates Now Available

Blockchains have been touted as everything from the basis for a worldwide online currency and a secure online ledger that can be applied to tracking logistics, supplies, registration, and even gaming. AWS Blockchain templates were designed to make it much easier for users to get into the myriad of possibilities from this technology.

Using a blockchain template, you may launch a public or private Ethereum or a private Hyperledger Fabric network almost instantly. The template will take care of configuring the AWS resources necessary to get you started.

With the Ethereum template, you may launch through two ways: ecs or docker-local. The ecs method creates an Amazon ECS cluster inside a VPC and creates a set of Docker images within the cluster. As for the docker-local option, it also runs inside a VPC but launches Docker images on EC2 instances.

The template supports Ethereum mining, EthStats and EthExplorer status pages, and a set of nodes that implement and respond to the Ethereum RPC protocol. Either option initiates and employs a DynamoDB table for service recovery as well as Application Load Balancers for the status pages.

AWS Blockchain Templates for Ethereum can be found here:

Ethereum Network – US East (Northern Virginia)

Ethereum Network – US East (Ohio)

Ethereum Network – US West (Oregon)

You can use these Templates starting today. AWS is eager to hear feedback from users, and will make new versions of the templates as needed.