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PolarSeven and AWS Webinar Series Invitation – Q3

If you would like to stay on top of AWS and cloud industry news make sure you register for our third quarter webinar series. The P7 Webinars will be short introduction and update sessions to educate you about AWS services and ecosystem. PolarSeven has partnered with AWS to deliver great content, demos and knowledge in 20-30 minutes webinars, that you can enjoy live every second Monday at 4pm or you can go through the recording [...]

PolarSeven and AWS Webinar Series Invitation – Q3 2018-12-01T17:32:49+00:00

AWS EC2 Introduces New Instance Type and Nitro System

A new AWS EC2 update includes C5d instances. These can give up to 50% better performance compared to the C4 instances. They have up to 77 vCPUs, 144 Gigabytes of RAM, and 1.8 Terabytes of local NVMe storage. Currently, it’s available in 5 regions. Aside from this development, also available in 5 regions are the general purpose M5d instances. They have up to 96 vCPUs, 384 Gigabytes RAM, and 3.6 Terabytes local NVMe storage. Similarly, [...]

AWS EC2 Introduces New Instance Type and Nitro System 2018-12-01T17:32:49+00:00

Clash of Clouds: AWS vs. Microsoft Azure

If you were asked to choose the best cloud service provider for your company, which would you pick? You're not alone in asking this question. Anyone who has any interest in the cloud would like to know the answer. Right now, the two largest and most comparable cloud service providers are Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. Both companies posted record sales far ahead of the competition: AWS reported $4.58 billion in sales for the last [...]

Clash of Clouds: AWS vs. Microsoft Azure 2018-12-01T17:32:49+00:00

AWS Launches New C5 Instances

Need more powerful compute services than the regular AWS EC2? The new C5 instances are designed to take on compute-intensive tasks: high-level analytics, machine learning inferencing, HPC, high-end video gaming, video encoding, batch processing, and so on. The C5 series includes the next generation of hardware, including a hypervisor, which lets the host CPU allocate nearly all its resources to the instance type. This gives you the compute power you need without compromising security and [...]

AWS Launches New C5 Instances 2018-12-01T17:32:49+00:00

Cloud Month In Review – July 2016

This July, AWS shares some of its best updates this month in terms of infrastructure, software, and database improvements. IaaS To Improve AWS EC2 networking performance, AWS has launched the Elastic Network Adapter. The new ENA provides high performance networking for the EC2 X1 instance type and is entirely free. Designed for modern processors, it gives up to 20Gbps of consistent, low-latency performance within a placement group. It also lowers the workload on the host processor and helps [...]

Cloud Month In Review – July 2016 2018-12-01T17:32:49+00:00

Citrix Cloudcomputing Survey 2012

Citrix carried out a survey to find out that most Americans are confused by cloud computing. Survey Highlights 95% of those who think they’re not using the cloud, actually are 3 in 5 (59%) believe the “workplace of the future” will exist entirely in the cloud 40% believe accessing work information at home in their “birthday suit” would be an advantage More than 1/3 agree that the cloud allows them to share information [...]

Citrix Cloudcomputing Survey 2012 2018-12-01T17:32:49+00:00
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