Audit finds 30% reduction in monthly AWS bill

Audit finds 30% reduction in monthly AWS bill

Audits are an extremely boring topic to talk about. Saving thousands every month is a little more interesting. On a recent Discovery Workshop with one of our clients who will remain nameless we found 6000 backups dating back five or six years. This was only one of the things we found which saved the customer over $4000 per month.

Over time many AWS accounts grow organically and resources are forgotten about. AWS charges for what you use and the charges for forgotten resources can be high.

On a recent Discovery Workshop we ran the first thing we found was 6000 backups, some of which had been created over six years ago. Many of the backups were not needed and deleting the unnecessary backups saved about $1000 per month.

The next thing we found were many load balancers that were no longer in use. With each load balancer costing around 80/month having 8 or 9 unused load balancers starts to add up.

Many RDS’s were found to be idle and some were just oversized. Shutting down and resizing the idle and oversized RDS saved $2000 every month.

The last cost to reduce was the EC2 instances that were idle. This saved about $600 a month.

Trusted adviser is the name of the AWS tool that showed us most of the savings above. The good news for customers who have a managed service provider is that you can still access Trusted Adviser even with other tools being locked down. If you have trouble accessing the saving you may want to consider PolarSeven’s managed service.