Amazon Web Services User Group – August 2018 Presentations

Amazon Web Services User Group – August 2018 Presentations


Session 1:

Automated Video Editing with Amazon Rekognition

A big thanks to John Rotenstein from AWS who showed us all how Amazon is opening doors to the future with Rekognition software. Whether you look to detect a face in still images, or extract video clips containing a specific person, the opportunity behind Amazon Rekognition is endless.

Presenter: John Rotenstein, Technical Trainer – Amazon Web Services.

Session 2:

Modeling and Managing Reservations

Richard Economides was up next defining the difference between a standard reservation, and those fancy convertible reservations we’ve all heard about. Further optimise the cost and flexibility of your cloud environment by making the switch to convertible instances.

Presenter: Richard Economides, Cloud & Transformation Technology Consultant  – CloudHealth


Session 3:

Harness the Noise, Evolve with Confidence

Lastly we had David Ridge from PagerDuty talk about reducing event noise by up to 90% so you can focus on incidents that actually require action, and finally have some peace and quiet during those late hours of the night.

Presenter: David Ridge, Solutions Consultant – PagerDuty


Slide Decks from the night: