Amazon SQS May Now Trigger Amazon Lambda

Amazon SQS May Now Trigger Amazon Lambda

Users may now set Amazon SQS (Simple Queue Service) to trigger Amazon Lambda functions. This new function is free.

The first service AWS has launched, Amazon SQS lets web service applications quickly and reliably queue resources created by one component to be used by another component. This way, a queue can buffer data, even when the source is producing it faster than the recipient can consume it. A single queue can be used by several distributed application components at the same time, without these components having to coordinate with each other.

On the other hand, AWS Lambda can run code without needing to use servers, hence the term “serverless architecture”. By making Amazon SQS capable of triggering Lambda functions, there is no need for a polling service or having to map SQS to SNS.

This feature is available in all regions that carry Amazon Lambda. While it is free, API calls will be charged at the usual SQS rates. More information can be found in the documentation.

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