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Amazon SES Releases Dedicated IP Pools

Amazon SES IP POOLSFormerly an email platform for communicating with its clients, Amazon Simple Email Services (Amazon SES) now serves customers, providing a flexible, scalable, and cost-effective cloud email server that you don’t have to set up on your own.

AWS just announced that Amazon SES will now have Dedicated IP Pools. These IP pools let you specify dedicated IP addresses to send out your emails with. With this, you may send out different kinds of emails for different purposes. You can dedicate on IP for sending marketing emails and another IP for transaction emails.

The emails sent out using Amazon SES are sent through a shared IP, which handles sending emails for customers. Amazon SES maintains the right volume and deliverability with each IP. However, when sending hundreds of thousands of emails a day, shared IPs don’t work as well.

A dedicated IP allows you to control your IPs. For example, you may troubleshoot deliverability or problems with reputation. It can allow you to maintain your reputation for email certification programs that require you to have a dedicated IP.

A Dedicated IP must first be made to create a positive reputation. This takes time and is done by gradually increasing the amount of email sent through the IP. Amazon SES has provided the ability to do this for you over a period of 45 days. With Dedicated IPs, this is done automatically.

Having a dedicated IP Pool is even better because now you can manage multiple dedicated IPs.   When sending an email, you can configure which IP your email will be routed to.

With this feature, clients who have split their email sending across multiple AWS accounts may now consolidate them into just one account. More information can be found at the documentation here.

Manage your own email IP pools with AWS. Contact our specialists at PolarSeven to get help with setting this up for your enterprise.



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