Amazon Polly Introduces New WordPress Plug-In

Amazon Polly Introduces New WordPress Plug-In

A text-to-speech service with 47 voices and 24 languages, Amazon Polly was previously introduced back in 2016. Since then, it has added Korean to its repertoire of languages, as well as features like whispering, speech marks, timbre effects, and others.

Now, AWS has announced the launch of a WordPress plugin for Amazon Polly. This plug-in will allow Polly to generate high-quality audio versions of your text—perfect for audiences who prefer listening to reading.

You may then access the audio either through the post or in podcast format using a new feature, Amazon Pollycast. AWS Polly generates an MP3 for use, which you can store in your WordPress content or elsewhere, like Amazon S3.

You can use the Polly plug-in with WordPress installations that are on your data infrastructure, or on AWS.

Note that the plugin will connect to Amazon Polly each time you update or save a post. The pricing depends on the number of characters each time a request is made (see the Polly Pricing page). If you are on the AWS Free Tier, you may process up to 5 million characters per month for free, for one year starting from the point you first call on Polly.