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Amazon New Unified CloudWatch Agent


AWS is proud to announce an improvement on the Amazon CloudWatch agent. The unified CloudWatch agent may be run on the cloud or on-site, and has the following salient features:

  • Simplified agent – only a single agent is used to collect metrics and logs, simplifying installation and collection.
  • Cross-platform – you may install the agent on either 64-bit Linux or Windows. It also includes HTTP proxy server support.
  • Configurable – agent automatically tracks useful system metrics, but may be modified to collect others such as CPU threads, mounted filesystems, and network interfaces.
  • CloudWatch – supports the normal 1-minute metrics and the new 1-second high-resolution metrics option. Includes EC2 dimensions like Instance ID, Image ID, and Autoscaling Group Name, as well as custom dimensions.
  • Migration – You may migrate existing AWS SSM and EC2Config settings for the new agent.

The new CloudWatch Agent is available now for download and use for all AWS Regions except for GovCloud and China. The agent itself is free, only CloudWatch gets charged. For assistance in setting up your business in the cloud, contact AWS partner PolarSeven today.


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