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Amazon Lex and Amazon Connect Integration

Amazon Lex ConnectAmazon Connect allows users to provide a cost-effective cloud contact customer service. Meanwhile, Amazon Lex is a service that lets you build conversational interfaces through voice and text.

You may integrate these two services to come up with a self-service system for customers. This would leverage on Amazon Lex’s automatic speech recognition (ASR) and natural language processing and understanding (NLP/NLU). This could service any number of customer requests 24/7, no need to wait for business hours!

The process involves three services : the user calls an Amazon Connect number; Amazon Connect interfaces with Amazon Lex; Lex invokes an Amazon Lambda function depending on the data Lex received.

Making this work would require configuring all three services and interfacing with any databases and other required software. Once done, however, a customer could simply call the Amazon Connect number, interact with Lex, and based on instructions the Lambda function can work on the request and give feedback to the customer.

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