Amazon Gamelift Launches FleetIQ and Spot Instances

Amazon Gamelift Launches FleetIQ and Spot Instances

AWS previously launched Amazon GameLift, a scalable runtime environment where you can run multiplayer games on the cloud. You may upload a game to this environment and set the type of EC2 instance you want to host it on. GameLift with automatically scale the instances you require.

To help lower your player and hourly costs, Amazon GameLift has introduced a new feature: whereas these instances only used On-demand before, now you may use Amazon GameLift Spot Instances in GameLift fleets. This means they employ unused compute capacity, with prices that change over time. All in all, they may potentially give savings of 90% compared to On-demand instances.

Apart from cost-savings, using Spot instances allows you to do several other useful functions. You may use a fleet of Spot Instances to continue servicing a dedicated and loyal gaming fanbase even after you must decommission your main servers, all at a low cost. The Amazon GameLift Queue will automatically balance price and availability to give you the best of both worlds.

To help reduce the possibility of cancellation due to low capacity, Amazon GameLift is introducing a feature called FleetIQ. Using historical pricing and termination data for Spot Instances, as well as a conservative strategy for selecting instances, FleetIQ lowers the chances that a server will get shut down. In the unlikely event that it does happen, though, a special callback will provide a warning message to give you two minutes—time to save and close your game before the server stops.

Amazon GameLift is currently available to host games—give it a try today.