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Amazon ElastiCache Now Compatible with Redis 4.0

amazon elasticacheAWS is pleased to announce that Amazon ElastiCache now has compatibility with Redis 4.0. This allows you to launch Redis 4.0 ElastiCache nodes or clusters.

The Amazon ElastiCache service makes it simple for you create a fully managed in-memory data store and cache with either Redis or Memcached. To launch a Redis cluster, you may use the AWS Management Console or the AWS Command Line Interface.

New Amazon ElastiCache Features:

  1. LFU (Least frequently used) cache eviction policy – an improvement over LRU (Least Recently Used), giving users better performance.
  2. Asynchronous FLUSHDUB, FLUSHALL, and UNLINK – through the FLUSH command’s ASYNC option, users may make a non-blocking call to clear databases. UNLINK lets you delete keys one at a time. The SWAPDB command can let you atomically switch between whole datasets.
  3. Active memory defragmentation – You may set Redis to defragment memory while running, allowing for more efficient allocation of your data.
  4. Online Cluster Resizing and Encryption in Transit—Redis 4.0 allows for simultaneous encryption in transit and online cluster resizing. The latter allows users to add and remove shards from a running cluster. This lets you scale-out or scale-in a Redis cluster according to demand.
  5. MEMORY commands – AWS has included new memory commands, including DOCTOR, USAGE, STATS, PURGE, and MALLOC-STATS. You may use these for gathering statistics or usage information on your Redis nodes.

This feature is currently available in all commercial AWS regions. More information can be found in the documentation. And if you need help bringing your enterprise into the AWS cloud, our cloud professionals will be happy to help. Contact us at PolarSeven today.


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