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Amazon Elastic File System Adds Provisioned Throughput

Amazon Elastic File Systemamazon elastic file system allows you to create enormous file systems that can service thousands of EC2 instances in parallel, all at once. Storage is distributed across several Availability Zones and other redundant storage servers to maintain a dependable access to data. You may allocate space only as needed, which means you pay only for what you use. Applications may get high levels of throughput and IOPS with low latencies.

To support systems that need a high throughput, Amazon Elastic File System now allows users to provision their throughput to a maximum of 1 GB/second. Users may start with a particular throughput then alter it as needed. Every 24 hours, you can scale it back down. You may also switch between provisioned and bursting throughput within the same cycle.

You may start using this feature now in all AWS Regions. If you would like to know how to apply Amazon Elastic File System or any other AWS service to your enterprise, give us a call today at PolarSeven.

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