Amazon EKS now Generally Available

Amazon EKS now Generally Available

amazon eksPreviously announced in re:Invent 2017, AWS has just released Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes ( Amazon EKS ) for production. It is ready to run client Kubernetes workloads.

According to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, AWS is the cloud of choice for Kubernetes, with more than half of companies surveyed choosing to run Kubernetes in AWS. Given that EKS is already in the AWS Cloud, it synergizes well with AWS services.

  • Multi-Availability Zone – AWS has the Kubernetes API server and the etcd database running in highly-Availability Zones. Should control plane nodes fail, they are automatically patched and updated.
  • IAM Integration – Through the Heptio Authenticator, Amazon EKS allows you to use IAM roles and skip the need for managing another set of credentials.
  • Load Balancer – Route traffic to worker notes through the AWS Network Load Balancer, the AWS Application Load Balancer, or the Elastic Load Balancer.
  • Elastic Block Storage – Used for the Kubernetes PersistentVolumes, which are needed for cluster storage.
  • Route 53 – you may access Kubernetes clusters through the Route 53 DNS records, which makes service discovery easy and allows load balancing.
  • Auto Scaling – clusters can scale up or down depending on load.
  • Container Interface – using elastic Network Interfaces provides secondary IP addresses for Kubernetes Pods.

More information about these features can be found in the ECS for Kubernetes documentation. If you would like to learn how AWS EKS can benefit your business, kindly contact our AWS experts at PolarSeven.