Amazon EFS File Sync Enables Faster File Transfer

Amazon EFS File Sync Enables Faster File Transfer

Amazon Elastic File System (EFSamazon efs file sync) is a scalable and easy to use elastic file storage on the AWS Cloud. To facilitate faster transfer to the cloud, AWS has introduced EFS File Sync. It is perfect for moving a large number of files from your on-site storage to Amazon EFS.

Using a secure, highly parallel data transfer system, EFS File Sync can run up to 500% faster than similar tools such as cp and rsync.  It can be used as an agent within VMware ESXi or on an EC2 instance, and may access the source file system through NFS v3 or 4. This tool can also be used in any region that runs EFS. You don’t require VPNs set up or enable inbound connections through a firewall.

You may use the AWS Management Console to initiate, manage, and monitor the agent and sync tasks. You may use jobs to transfer entire file systems or just specific directory trees, and also skip files that are already in your destination. You will also be able to preserve file metadata, such as medication and access time, permissions, symbolic links and hard links, during the transfer.

You may access this tool at the EFS Console. Amazon EFS File Sync is available in all regions with EFS. In terms of pricing, you only pay for the EFS resources you consume and $0.01 per GB of data you copy.

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